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Working as a race and performance engineer in professional motorsports for numerous teams as well as in junior sports. Learn more about me and my services for you as a team and driver.

Zakspeed AMG GT4


Race Engineer Christian Lipp

Christian Lipp








German, English

FR2.0, DTM Trophy,

Renault, Porsche, Mercedes

Cosworth Pi, Bosch
Windarab, AIM Racestudio

Mechanical Engineering
BACHELOR of Science

Driving Dynamics



28 August 2019
CL Performance Engineering

CL Performance Engineering - A sole proprietorship located in proximity to Frankfurt Airport in Germany, specializing in automotive - motorsport services. This includes services in the field of racing and data engineering at professional racing events as well as driver coaching. Owner Christian Lipp (B.Sc.) acts as a freelance engineer.

Christian Lipp's sole trader business, which has been in existence since 2016, came about through a reorientation from the event sector (Chris Angel Events, founded in 2011) to professional services in the field of motorsport. The decision to focus exclusively on motorsport is predominantly based on a passion to achieve the maximum performance with the available resources and to achieve the best possible results from the combination of driver and racing car. This requires not only a lot of commitment, but also the willingness to travel, which is of course part of the passion. This fact is also reflected in the name of the trade. On the one hand, the name contains the initials as well as the motivation to achieve the maximum performance with the completed degree as an engineer.
CL Performance Engineering provides professional motorsport services independently for race teams, manufacturers, drivers, and series organizers. The neutrality in political issues, as well as the loyalty to the teams and drivers, leads to maximum performance to deliver the best results. Without a team, the best driver cannot win victories or championships. Motorsport is the epitome of teamwork. That is true not only on but also off the racetrack!
Teamwork is the most important ingredient for success in motorsport. As a race engineer, you're not only the driver's confidant but also the team's coordinator on the car as well as the link to the technical director or the team boss. This interaction is important so that the driver can concentrate purely on driving and is not distracted by other sideshows.
Decisions regarding setup or even the run plan, which is shared with the team beforehand. The team of the vehicle is essential for smooth running. Therefore, meetings before and after each day as well as before and after each outing are an important part to bring each team member to the same level of knowledge.
28 August 2019
Nico Gruber Formula Renault 2.0


The perfect car to teach young drivers. Together with Nico Gruber a double championship could be achieved.

Porsche GT4


Responsible vehicle engineer on a Porsche Cayman GT4. With the drivers Constantin Schöll and Benjamin Mazatis 2019.


Mercedes AMG GT4 in the DTM Trophy.

An extremely competitive race series where hundredths of a second can decide between 3rd and 11th place.



6 years


6633 km

Race Distance

1200 GB


3 Title


Setup settings
A controllable vehicle is a basic requirement for fast lap times. To achieve this, setup settings must be individually adapted and optimized. As an engineer, I make sure that the vehicle is not only controllable, but can also be moved safely at the physical limit.
Lap time analysis
The analysis of the sector times as well as the general lap time over an outing is an essential part of my work.
Since the 1970s, racing car aerodynamics has been an integral part of motorsports. The adjustment of the aerodynamic balance as well as the downforce level is an important part of the overall vehicle performance.
Engine data analysis
Racing cars are incredibly expensive to run. It is therefore essential to keep a constant eye on engine vital signs to minimize the possibility of capital engine damage.
Driving dynamics
The most important instrument of an engineer are the driving dynamic measurements recorded on the track. These are not only analyzed by me, but also interpreted in order to get the best possible out of the given material.
advanced vehicle models
As a data engineer, it is also my job to convert the measured data recorded by the vehicle into advanced parameters using physical formulas. These are then used to further improve the performance of the driver as well as the car.
Onboard analysis
One of the most important tools to improve the performance of a driver is the analysis of the self-driven lap. For this purpose, errors can be detected, analyzed and eliminated.
Overlay Analysis
The overlay is used as a reference, where the aim is to superimpose graphs and determine differences in order to be able to use them profitably for oneself.
Driving technique
In each outing, the focus is on a task specifically adapted to the driver. After the outing, the result is reviewed and used for the next outing. An optimized driving technique consists of many subtasks. It is essential to implement these optimally in order to achieve best times.
Team needed?
Tell me what you want to drive and what budget you have, then I'll see what I have for you.
You want to start a career?
Write me via my contact form!




To be successful in motorsports, a competent engineer is essential. An engineer's job is to coordinate tasks in a team relating to the vehicle, to give instructions for setup changes, and to check the vehicle with the sensors installed. Besides, the engineer is the first person of contact for the driver and therefore also his confidant. Trust in the engineer is an essential ingredient for success, as the support provided during motorsport events supports the driver and can relieve psychological pressure.

Furthermore, an engineer is involved in driving and analyzing the data collected, looking for ways to constantly improve the performance of the car as well as the driver. Here, it is also important not only to criticize the driver but also to explain the physical relationships to him in simple sentences, so that he can implement the changes in driving style as effectively as possible on the track.
What is the best way to brake and how important is the braking sequence for the vehicle's driving dynamics? How much influence does the driver have on precisely this important sequence? This is the beginning of a turn and also the beginning of my work with the driver. The data analysis as well as video analysis are very informative to improve the driving technique and finally to find out the difference between other drivers on the track. Learn from my countless data and references that will help you to be the fastest! This is just the beginning. Master every track in the world, down to the last meter, and join me in becoming the next champion.
28 August 2019
Formula Renault 2.0

Formula Renault 2.0 training car

The perfect car for teaching young drivers. Feel the car and learn the limits of physics.

Winning Races with Anders Motorsport Formula Renault Eurocup

Teamwork is the key to success

Master your driving technique and rise to become a champion.

Analysing data on a AMG GT4

GT4 Touring Car

Use your skills and master the touring car class together with me as your engineer.



Formula 3 CarWinning GT4 European SeriesLeading car AMG GT4 ADAC GT4 Germany - Jan Marschalkowski

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I work with several teams and can find you a suitable cockpit. Depending on your skills and what is interesting for you and your career, I will advise you free of charge. It is always good to have several alternatives because such a decision is often not very easy. What does a contract with a team include? How many test days do I need for the start? What are my chances of winning? Which series is optimal for me? Questions that are important need to be discussed beforehand to have options ready for the future.

As a newcomer, it is interesting to be active as a factory driver later on. But every factory driver started small at one point. Using examples, I can show you how your path through the motorsport world can be shaped to achieve this goal.
But there are also many options for so-called gentleman drivers to gain a foothold in the motorsport world. That includes, for example, cab rides for employees or shareholders as a motorsport event. Motorsport offers a special experience for everyone, which can be experienced in different ways. Here I can offer you gladly support.
However, you need to know what you want. For this, it is also important to know what you can do. If you already have motorsport experience, you should always have the answers to the following questions at hand:
Of course, the budget also plays a very important role. Therefore it is important to use the available budget purposefully and to avoid unnecessary expenditures. I help you to avoid spending money unnecessarily and to get the maximum out of your available funds.
28 August 2019


Your questions are easily answered here

Do I only work for one team?


No. I am a normal freelance engineer and work for any team or driver who wants to use my services as an engineer and/or driver coach. However, the rule is that no competing team will be supported. So if a team should inquire, which uses the same vehicle, I must unfortunately give a refusal to it. Loyalty has priority for me in this case.

How much is your fee?


Here I would ask you to write me an email via my contact form. Please tell me in which race series I should be engaged and which car you drive. Use my contact form and you will get a prompt reply from me.

How to become a racing driver?


A very difficult question. You should already have completed championships in karting. In addition, you should have a lot of budget to be able to finance everything. Unfortunately, racing costs a lot of money. You should be aware of that. So just go to the nearest outdoor kart track and see if you can meet some kart drivers there. Just talk to them, they can give you all the info you need.

How much does a season cost?


That's completely different and depends on a lot of factors. On the one hand, the race series is crucial, of course. A start in the ADAC GT4 Germany costs less per driver than in the DTM Trophy. If you want to race in a small junior series, it usually costs even less. Secondly, the car you want is a big cost factor. A Formula Renault definitely costs less than a season of GT4. Roughly you can assume that a season can cost between 50,000 to 200,000€ or even more.

Do you also help private drivers with test days?


Of course you can also book me if you are a driver and would like to drive on a trackday. Here I just ask you to give me all the info in advance so I can prepare accordingly. I will be happy to support you so that you can complete your training efficiently and with the greatest possible benefit.

Can you only be booked on race tracks in Germany?


I have no problems with traveling. I am completely free and happy to support you in all countries of the world. We would have to clarify details via contact form. You can find the contact form further down on the website.

What does a race engineer do / what advantage do I have?


A race engineer is a link between the driver and the team and the physics. He decides on setup changes that have a positive effect on performance and gives the driver help on how to make the best use of physics. The learning curve is significantly higher with an engineer than without. Errors can also be detected and corrected more quickly. The investment in an engineer is therefore definitely worth it!

What experience do you have?


I have been active in motorsport since 2015 and have already worked in many series. These include the ADAC GT4 Germany, the TCR Germany as well as Formula Renault Eurocup and Formula 4. Most recently also in the highly competitive DTM Trophy series.



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