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What is the RaceDataConverter?

The RaceDataConverter is a highly efficient tool for converting analysis data in motorsport applications. By using the export function of selected analysis tools, RaceDataConverter can convert the data into a format that can be read by Cosworth's Pi Toolbox Pro software or Motec i2 Pro. This opens up a range of new possibilities for professionel race engineers or driver coaches.

The advantages at a glance

Renaming channels with RaceDataConverter
Renaming channels with RaceDataConverter

Renaming channel names

Some systems are using channel names which are different to other systems. If you have two cars to compare and on one car the throttle channel is called "aps" and on the other car "ath", then you can rename the channel on each file to "Throttle".
By generating the new file, both lines can be overlapped as they have now the same name.

aps [%] can be renamed into Throttle [%]

Renaming channels with the Race Data Converter

Correcting output units

In some data analysis systems the unit will not be exported to the data file. In this case you have the possibility to correct the unit with the RaceDataConverter. For example a unit called 'none' can be renamed into the correct unit of this value.

pbrake_f [none] can be converted to pbrake_f [bar]

Renaming channels with the Race Data Converter
Changing sampling rates to a lower value to save diskspace with RaceDataConverter
Changing sampling rates to a lower value to save diskspace with RaceDataConverter

Changing sample rates

By exporting racing data from an aquisition system, you have all the data with one single rate eg. 100 Hz. This leads to big data files. However, by changing the framerate to a lower rate you can lower the file size.
For example: Oil and Air temperatures can usually be saved as 1Hz channels. Higher refresh rates aren't necessary which lowers your file size significantly.

Screenshot Motec i2 Pro

Use the full power of Motec i2 Pro

You can use one of the most advanced softwares on the market. The Motec i2 Pro analysis software is able to perform advanced math channel calculations and organise your data in a fully customised workspace. It's also well known the sim racing community which makes it easy to compare simulated data with data generated in the real world.

Screenshot Motec i2 Pro
Saving the config file inside Race Data Converter
Saving the config file inside Race Data Converter

Save your config files

Having set up your configuration, you can save it for later use. You can also set up as many config files as needed. This makes it easy for you to switch your systems very quickly by only loading another config file.



Supported platforms (readable by the converter)
Supported platforms (export to other formats)
Built in functionality
Minimum system requirements


Compatibility Comparison Chart

Pro License
Standard License*
Possible Inputs

Exporting racing data from WinDarab as *.txt files


Exporting racing data from AIM RaceStudio 2 as *.txt files
Supported Languages are: German, English, Spanish


Exporting racing data from WinTax V4 as *.txt files

Motec i2

Exporting racing data from Motec i2 Standard or i2 Pro as *.csv files

Possible Exports
Cosworth Pi Toolbox

Converting the input file into a *.txt file which can be read by Cosworth Pi Toolbox.

Motec i2 Pro

Converting the input file into a *.ld files which allowes you to use the full functionality of the Motec i2 Pro Software

* Cosworth Pi Toolbox Pro or Ultra license required
** VAT is added under circumstances
If you are a company with a European VAT ID, please leave use the contact form for ordering.

If you are a customer or from another country which is not in the European Union, please follow the links for ordering.


  • Supporting RaceStudio 3 (*.xrk read only)
  • Supporting Cosworth Pi Toolbox Export *.txt files
  • Exporting to WinTax readable *.txt files
  • Exporting to Windarab readable *.txt files
  • Converting "true" and "false" to "1" and "0" for having more compatibility of motec files and Boolean data
  • Auto scan function for more exactness of Motec files
  • Adding more supported Software to the converter
  • Quick preview of each channel based on time
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